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Question : How Devers Delivers Helps You Invest In Multifamily Real Estate

How Devers Delivers Helps You Invest In Multifamily Real Estate

Devers Delivers is eager to assist you with your property acquisition and investment goals.


1. Obtain a solid understanding of your investment goals. First, meet with you to learn more about your short-term and long-term objectives. We'll discuss the types of multifamily properties that will help you reach your goals. Then we'll cover your property management and financing strategies. We'll also identify any other resources that will help you carry out your plan. For example, if you are in need of financial, accounting or legal advice, we can introduce you to other experienced professionals who have a solid background in multifamily real estate.

2. Provide you with tools that will help you evaluate individual properties. We will be happy to share our property evaluation tools with you, which you can then use to assess individual properties.

3. Identify solid investment opportunities that are in alignment with your goals. We'll leverage our resources and knowledge of the market to identify properties that are a good match for your goals. Our resources include the MLS, LoopNet, FSBO sites, the Apartment Association, relationships with top tier Brokers, and contacts within the lending industry that are in charge of liquidating foreclosed properties.

4. Coordinate all of your showings, saving you time. Prior to your showings, we'll research each property so you know each property's price history as well as how long each property has been on the market.

5. Research costs. When we find a good candidate for you, we will help you flesh out the property's costs so you can obtain a solid understanding of the expenses that go into repairing, maintaining and managing the property. As needed, we will arrange for other professionals to visit the property and provide estimates that will help you better understand your ownership costs.

6. Research revenues. We will help you better understand the rents and rental history for your property of interest. We'll also provide you with a good understanding of the current rents for competing multifamily properties in the same neighborhood.

7. Review your business plan. We are happy to review your business plan, including your revenue and expense assumptions.

8. Ensure you negotiate with knowledge. We'll help you prepare for your negotiation by performing an in-depth review of the property. For example, we'll research the property's transaction and listing history. We'll review the mortgages (and amounts) that have been taken out on the property. We'll check for back property taxes owed. We'll look for evidence of construction liens and other liens. We'll also research the sales history for comparable properties in the area.

9. Protect your interests every step of the way. We'll assist you through every phase of the process - from the structuring of your offer through the day of your closing. We'll work closely with you so you understand each step, including your responsibilities and your rights. That means we'll help you manage your financing, testing, and inspection contingencies. We'll attend your inspection and help you plan the course of action that will follow your inspection. We'll work to ensure every detail of your transaction is properly addressed prior to your closing.

10. Assist you with the marketing of your rental units. After you purchase your property, we can assist you with the marketing of your rental units to help you eliminate any vacancies as quickly as possible. We have the tools and internet savvy to get your marketing off to a great start.

11. Provide you the very best in service. Our number one goal is to provide you the very best in service as you go about the process of carrying out your investment plan. We aim to be your Agent for life.