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Question : Help Mortgage Close In A Timely Manner

Help Mortgage Close In A Timely Manner

Property Information:

• Copy of your Purchase Contract/Agreement signed by all buyers and sellers (for purchase transactions only).

• Copy of the survey (this is a sketch of the property boundaries, but you may not have this if you are buying a new home).

Income Information (Employed):

• Copy of your pay stub(s) covering the last 30 days.

• Copy of your W-2 Forms for the last 2 years.

Income Information (Self-Employed):

• Copies of your last 2 years personal and business federal income tax returns with all schedules.

Non-Verified (Stated) Income Information:

• If self-employed, provide a letter from CPA stating that you have been self-employed for 2 years within your profession, or provide a business license for a 2 year period.

• If employed, provide your employment history for the past 2 years including your employer's name, address, telephone number, dates of employment, and your position within the company.


Asset Information:

• Copies of bank statements for the past 2 months for all accounts, including 401(k), IRA, investment, stock, and mutual funds.


Miscellaneous Information:

• Copy of your current driver's license.

• If you are not a citizen, a copy of the front and back of your green card.

• If you have rental property, provide a detailed list of each property address, the current mortgage balance, and the monthly rent.

• If applicable, a signed copy of your divorce decree.

• If you want child support considered as income, provide proof of receipt for the last 12 months.

• Last 12 months cancelled rent checks (if readily available and applicable).

• Copy of the current payoff for your existing mortgage (only if a refinance and readily available).

• If you have a homeowner's insurance agent you wish us to use then please provide their contact information.

Remember if the property being bought or sold is in an Estate, Trust, Guardianship or Inheritance be sure to provide copy of will, POA, death certificate, guardianship papers.