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Do I Really Need A Realtor

Question : Aren't All Agents Alike?

Many home owners and buyers have the idea that all Real Estate Agents are the same. They are not far off, with over 25,000 Agents in the city of Houston alone only 3% of us make a living at it.

Like most companies out there today - 10% of the employees do 80% of the work while much of the rest do the minimum or less to get by. 

It’s easy to find a lazy Realtor however if you look for the above average and better Realtor you will be happy you did.

What to look for?

A full time Agent. Someone who works at this every day, understanding the industry changes, quality service providers, neighborhood trends isn’t chasing a paycheck. Wants to work for you not a paycheck – gives you the information you need to make an educated decision for you and your family and not pushing you into the first home you see.

Does more than open a locked door. Gives you information on the home, neighborhood, pricing, improvements

Listens to your needs, budget and finds the home that fits them both

Negotiates like it’s their money

Keeps you in the loop on every detail

Understands all the rules, regulations, laws, protections for their client keeping them protected at all times

Sellers can sell their homes themselves, wanting to save commission money, Buyers can purchase a new build or FSBO home without representation

But Why Would You Want That?

As a Buyer your Agents expenses are totally free. You pay nothing at all and get the benefit of their expertise and experience.

As a Seller yes you are paying 6% of the sales price of your home however, look at the statistics of the time sold and average sales price between FSBO and Agent listed homes. You are not only saving but making money.

With all industries you will find good and bad, the inferior and the exceptional; find a good one and they will be worth their weight in gold.