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Question : Seller Finance Testimonials

 "You give us a change to have a house of our own.  No more aparrtments.  My kids have their own bedroom and yard to play in.  This year Christmas is at my house for my family.  We are so happy thank you thank you thank you.  Amalia Rodriguez & Jose T. Galvan


"I didn't have a lot after moving back to Houston.  I was working 2 jobs and wanting to stop paying rent.  Jenna found a way to make that happen with seller finance.  She explained everything, gave me documents to read, walked through the goverment stuff and made sure I uderstood it all before I signed.  I had my home in 2 weeks.  I love it - just what I wanted."  Georgia Goudy


"Ms. Jenna worked with the seller to make our payment work.  We now own a home.  We are the first ones in our family to own a home and my husband is so happy and proud.  Thanks you Ms. Jenna"  Javier Garibay & Denisse Cabrales


"Thank you for helping us eventhough you are not our realtor.  He dissapeared after everything was signed and I can't get a call returned for questions."  Maria & Thomas Garza