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Question : Relocation Testimonials

 "I can't believe what you did in 2 weeks.  We had been working with a realtor who was getting nowhere.  You jumped in found the house, showed it to our parents, got it after there was another offer on it, set everything up while we were still in another state and then on the road driving our belongings to Houston.  You worked miracles to get it done and even after the fact making sure the builder fulfilled his responsibilities. WOW  - you definately will get my reference anytime"  Mike and Carolyn Miller


"You really listened to what I needed and found it.  My husband being disabled, my kids needs, location and style of the house you really nailed it.  It was great that you woked with my relo company directly and we were able to move forward as quick as we did.  You made me feel like I was your top priority that really felt good.  thanks for everything:"  Nancy Watson