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Question : Military Testimonials

 “Thank you for all you have done for us.  No other realtor would have gone to the ends of the earth for us as you did. We truly cannot thank you enough and will be recommending your services to anyone we come across who is in the market.”  Justin & Oanh Bellamy


“I absolutely love it here. It is me, and well, I love it.  What a present from you to bring this house to me.  I will always thank you and have such a deep appreciation for you.”    David Culak


"Jenna was on top of things.  The bank lost my papers, didn't close on time, changed my rate and my girl Jenna got after them until they fixed it.  If I had problems I called her.  Now if I was slackin she got after me too, but I got my house on time."  Anthony Philips


"I'm a police officer and purchasing a home takes a lot of time, Jenna took that off my sholders so I coul focus on my job, my recovery from surgery and my 80 year old mother.  She negotiated the deal like a wiz, got me in touch with a great inspector and helped fight the bank when they tried screwing me out of money.  Jenna even brought me a plant after I was all settled in.  She was on it from the start and followed up on everything.  I would use her again and again."  Debbie Nolan