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Question : First Time Home Buyer Testimonials

 “We were very pleased with the services you provided to us in selling our home. You handled all the complications of selling with professionalism and personal dedication. Your loyalty to our interests was total.  We heartily recommend you to anyone needing a realtor.”   Jason & Nicole Arnold


"It was a hard process until we meet with Jenna.  Right away she was telling us - we can do it - just need to find a way.  She got us connected with the right people that helped get our loan, found the right home and we are so happy.  She even came to our walk through and had blue tape everywhere.  The builder fixed everything before we closed.  Jenna is the best."  Andrey and Shawaka Burton


"Jenna is my mom's neighbor that's how I found her.  She is now a good friend.  My husband is in a wheelchair and she worked like crazy to find the "right house" for us.  It was hard because it physically had to work and we had to like it too.  Once we found it she was on it to get us in.  The banker was terrible and she did everything she could to get it taken care of for us.  We love Jenna and I have sent her multiple referrals."  Danielle and Wes Webb


Sorry for my rash decision I made a couple of months ago, it was a HUGE mistake. You actually looked out for me and took care of me like you said you would do and looked out for my best interest. You took care of everything and made sure everything went smoothly so I could enjoy the whole first time buying experience. I finally realized all this when I actually finally found my house because since then my realtor has been absent and has no clue what is going on with my house being built. She just emails me to ask where they are in the process every couple weeks while I do all the leg work and contact the builder about the house and finding out closing dates and etc.... Once she found out she was getting her commission she pretty much just bounced. So this whole first time buying a house process isn't what I thought it would be at all. I deserve it because of the way I screwed you over after all that work you put in for me to find out what I needed. I still feel really bad and wish I would of kept you as my realtor and wish you were getting the commission check because of all the shit you had to put up with me and how much you really helped me out. I really wish there was a way I could give you the commission check for this house I found. You say time is money and I wasted your time and cost you money and there is no way I can fix that now. I know an apology doesn't really help but I just wanted to let you know I really am sorry because you are a great realtor.  Jeff W.  


 "We looked at so many homes, I really like you didn't get frustrated with me. When we found it I knew right away.  I got to show my entire family, you made me feel like it was all about me. We love it." Niki Cowan