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Question : Foreign National Testimonials

  “Jenna is a truly amazing realtor.  She is in the loop for all of the best properties, can work within your price range and provides very personal service.  We are extremely pleased with the purchase of our house.  Jenna also helps in every way possible when you are getting settled.  She went beyond expectations to make sure that we were happy.  She is an amazing resource.”    Ricardo, Claudia & Isabella Zuccolo


"Jenna was knowledgable about all the doc's we needed in order to get a loan, had us get everything together before we saw the banker.  I had to contact my employer for multiple doc's due to change of job so it was great to have that heads up instead of waiting until the week of close.  Jenna knew what our cultural needs were and found the perfect home for my family. I will use her and send her to all my friends."  Elvis and Catherine Manga


Thanks you all you have done to have happy end. Certtanty without both you and rich, I could not close it. I am really appreciate it.   Alberto Ildefonso